5 Leaf Decorating Crafts to do with Your Kids

Fall means colorful leaves, pumpkins, family time, and celebrations. Take advantage of this quality time with your kids with some of these fun decorating ideas for all those autumn leaves!

  1. Fall Leaf Magnets

Laminated Leaf Magnets. Photo via Filth Wizardry

Spend an afternoon collecting leaves with your kids? Preserve them with this fun project and create some updated magnets for your fridge at the same time! Press the leaves in a book for a few days so they are nice and flat, and then use a laminator to laminate the leaves. Tape a flexible magnet to the back and voila – leaf magnets!

  1. Salt Dough Leaf Bowls


Salt Dough Leaf Bowl. Photo via Meaningful Mama

We love this next project because it really gets the kids involved in almost every step! After your leaf collection adventure, create the salt dough (recipe via the link above) as the mold for your bowls. Have your kids rub the leaf over the dough to make an imprint, and then you can carefully cut out the leaf shape. Lay your leaf over an ovenproof bowl (like a Pyrex). Once they have baked and cooled, its painting time. Let your kids go wild with creativity here!

  1. Leaf Tree Art Drawing

Fall Leaf Drawing. Photo via Love Play and Learn

This is a super easy project for kids of any age. All you need is some drawing paper, colored pencils, glue, and of course, your leaves. Have your kids draw and color in a tree trunk, and then glue the leaves to create the tree. Insta-artwork!

  1. Maple Leaf Turkey Craft

Maple Leaf Turkey Craft. Photo via Almost Unschoolers

Use those huge maple leaves to create some Thanksgiving-themed crafts! All you need is some glue, tissue paper, and googly eyes. Your kids can make their own leaf turkeys. As a bonus – laminate the turkeys to create custom placemats for Thanksgiving dinner!

  1. Montessori-Inspired Leaf Math

Montessori Inspired Leaf Math. Photo via To The Lesson

Have a little one learning numbers? Number 10 leaves from 1-10 with a Sharpie and have your child use a clothespin to order the numbers correctly. You could also use the laminating idea from above to make semi-permanent numbered leaves (or letters of the alphabet)!

Check out our Pinterest board for these and more fun projects for fall decorating!

What’s your favorite fall project to do with your kids? Tell us in the comments below!

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