5 Thanksgiving Crafts to Try With Your Kids

Thanksgiving is all about giving back and spending time with family and friends. Start some new traditions or put a spin on your existing ones with these fun crafts to liven up Thanksgiving table this year.

1. Tabletop Turkey

Tabletop Turkey for Thanksgiving Photo via parenting.com

With some construction paper, paper cups, pom-poms, and googly eyes, the kids can make their own tabletop turkeys as decorations for the Thanksgiving table! Experiment with different-sized cups for larger and smaller turkeys.

2. Thumbprint Turkeys


Thumbprint Turkeys for Thanksgiving Photo via Silly Eagle

This super-easy DIY project involves just a little bit of paint and your kids’ imaginations. Use brown, orange, and red paint to create the turkey. Once dry, have the kids add their own “I’m Thankful For…” message and display on Thanksgiving Day!

3. Thankful Table


Craft Paper Table for Thanksgiving Photo via ArtBar

Roll out some craft paper to cover your table and draw some circles for place setting holders. Let your kids draw family caricatures, turkeys, and things they are thankful for this year.

4. Be Thankful Utensil Holders


Be Thankful Utensil Holders for Thanksgiving Photo via The Idea Room

Personalize Thanksgiving table settings with these easy-to-make utensil holders. All you need to do is print out the included design onto craft paper and let your kids color to their hearts’ content!

5. Turkey Rocket Race

Turkey Rocket Race for Thanksgiving Photo via Growing a Jeweled Rose

Burn off some energy with this fun turkey race with your kids. With a few household items, the kids will be racing their turkeys in no time!

Check out our Pinterest board for more fun Thanksgiving craft ideas and tell us in the comments below what activities you will be trying with your own kids!

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